SEO Tips for Startups to rank your website #1 on Google:

If you are familiar with SEO Service Company India, it will be clear that having merely technical expertise is insufficient to rank a website. Numerous more elements will heavily influence SEO in 2022. Google will adore your website if you care about your users.

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Here is a summary of some SEO criteria to consider when ranking a website higher in search engine results.

  • Taking user intent seriously.

Do they prefer text for your audience? Pictures? Videos? Audio. Understanding this is a crucial component in ranking a website in 2022. When someone asks a question about a word or phrase, you need to know what they are anticipating so that you may respond in the clearest, most direct way possible.

  • Focus search engines also.

To rank first in SERPs, SEO involves optimizing your website for Google. However, you also need to consider other search engines.

  • Write Extraordinary content

Before publishing live content, it’s critical to examine the content’s quality from every angle. If you can give your users the precise information they require, they won’t need to worry.  Every time a pleased user needs that information, they will return it. This will cement the name of your website in users’ eyes as a reliable source of accurate information. Your content will undoubtedly bring you a lot of traffic if you can ascertain what your audience wants.

  • Improve your Technical SEO

Another element that needs to be handled carefully in 2022 is technical SEO. If you’re adept at performing technical SEO correctly, you’ve already made half the effort necessary to rank #1.

  • Take Care of On-page Optimization

There is no point in performing SEO if you have completed the SEO checklist but fall short on-page optimization. Your website has no chance of winning this competition. However, 2022 will still be a crucial year for on-page optimization if you want to rank highly in SERPs.

  • Voice Searches

By 2020, voice searches will make up 50–55 percent of all searches. The Voice Search Revolution has several amazing examples, including Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby, and Yandex Alice.

  • Optimized Mobile Pages

Mobile devices account for over 70% of all searches. Mobile gadgets are lightweight and portable. People utilize their mobile devices to conduct short web searches.

  • Off-Page Optimization

Most SEO specialists concur that off-page link-building strategies can add about 80% of the value to any SEO campaign.

  • Backlinks

The link you use to go to another page is a link or backlink. Backlinks are crucial since they act as search engines’ “votes,” letting them know that other websites find your helpful page and like linking to it.

  • Competitor analysis

Start your link-building effort by analyzing your competitors. In general, you should copy what your top rivals are doing because one of the fundamental rules of link development is to outperform your rival.


Everyone wants to rank his website on Google, but many don’t know how to do it. Grow your website easily on Google with the help of this blog.

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