Which Is the Better Option-WordPress Or Custom Web Design?

So, you have already decided it is the perfect time to take an overall business to the next level by launching the new website? Creating a new website is something that always needs decision-making skills & planning also. The main decision you will be able to make is whether you want to create the business or a custom web design or use a ready-built platform like WordPress. There are so many companies out there that are using WordPress, which enables them to create a new website without hiring any website designer.

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To know which is the right option, wordpress web design, you must read the following essential paragraphs carefully.

Custom Web Design

Custom build websites are getting the hype. Most companies depend on custom web designs that are much better than others. Sometimes, custom-built sites are created for the biggest complex sites with antique functionalities. If you want to make these kinds of a website, you will have to find a professional web designer specializing in creating custom-built websites per your requirements. A professional web design company will use the specific programming language & framework that will help you make the website according to your needs. The majority of the companies use the languages like Python, ASP, Laravel, Ruby & JavaScript.

The Ultimate Benefits

Building a website from scratch gives you the opportunity to provide it with as much of a one-of-a-kind appearance as you want by including different sorts of exceptional capabilities that aren’t accessible when utilising WordPress.

  • Many people are using the custom build website, which is more search engine friendly if you compare it with the WordPress website. It means this kind of website will be able to rank higher in the search engines if you compare it with the one that is built on the templates already using the WordPress CMS. 
  • This has become important for any business that wants to generate more leads & improve the conversion rate on the internet.


WordPress is the most excellent free tool for constructing websites, and it was specifically created to be used in the creation of blogs. Recently, this platform has become one of the most challenging to use when it comes to the development of websites. The main reason why many people choose this platform to make their website is that it just requires basic knowledge of the web. You will also not have to be a pro in writing the codes or programming languages. You will not have to contact any web design agency to create the website. WordPress has already been used to generate more than 15 percent of all websites, and this percentage is expected to continue to rise in the near future, as stated by industry experts.

The Final Verdict

WordPress and custom web design both have their perks and drawbacks. You will have to decide which method you will have to use depending on your needs and budget. Therefore, be careful to select the platform that would facilitate your work.

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